Grand Opening of Zhongda International Business Center

Full Set Sail of Business District in High-tech Zone

Zhongda International Business Center in High-tech Zone which attracts more attention is officially held on November 23, 2016, admired by the fame, numerous customers come here and speak highly of this comfortable and pleasant shopping environment and a wide variety of fashion new products. The opening of Zhongda International Business Center in High-tech Zone has always been the focus of Xi’an citizens. Consumers were thrilled at this slightly luxurious and ordinary style of Zhongda International Business Center. New business center opening, there are various discounts provided by exclusive brands, Barbie theme exhibition, and stars like Karen Mok coming to support the activity.

Site of the activity are gathered with many stars including Karen Mok and Aarif Lee, to cheek for the activity, jointly witness the magnificent appearance of Zhongda International Business Center, sing enthusiastically, and give excellent performances continuously, adding more modern and stylish atmosphere to ancient capital Xi’an, and pushing the opening activity to a new high.

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Carving new classics of brands and opening the course of urban fashion, Zhongda International has been the spokesman of modest luxury in Xi’an for many years, with many excellent designs and humanized services which are difficult to be surpassed by many other business centers. Official opening of Zhongda International Business Center adds a new district for Xi’an, and this High-tech Zone, a top urban shopping mall in a real sense, will step forward officially to guide the development of business district in High-tech Zone.