Zhongda · Zhongfangxin Proprietary Co.,Ltd


Zhongd·Zhongfangxin Proprietary Co.,Ltd.

Zhongda·Zhongfangxin Proprietary Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive invest-holding company with the main business of high-grade commercial real estate, property management and hotel management etc.

At present, there are several holding and joint-stocking companies across different industries subordinating to Zhongda·Zhongfangxin Co.,Ltd. Including Zhongda International Co.,Ltd. with professionalized and internationalized management, focusing on the luxury brands in the world. Zhongda International No.9 Property Management(Proprietary) Co.,Ltd.  Commercial Centre of Zhongda International The City and Xi’an Ritz-Carlton Hotel located in Xi’an West High-tech Zhongda International  “THE CITY” project being contributed, providing clients with customized and high-qualified services, and the  joint -stock company Yanchang Petroleum (Group) China-Shaanxi Metal Mining Industry Co.,Ltd.

The company is consistently improving its level of operation and management, and at the same time it also inherits the cultural essence of “pursuit of excellence, strive for the best”, exploring actively and forging ahead with determination, as a result, forming the industrial pattern of taking the top grade business and the property management as the principle thing and supplemented with nonferrous metals and mineral products, forming the complete and normative parent-subsidiary corporation management system, training a management team who is loyal and dedicated to work and has both ability and morality, accumulating abundant high grade and property management experience, and finally creating this influential famous fashion brand.
With the rapid process of globalization and the deep development of China’s economic reform, we will continue to improve our brand value at the aim of “satisfying the members, clients and share holders and paying back society”, and extending the company’s developmental core value to the value chain of cross industry, finally creating the brand new era of our company.

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