Beauty is more than just the present, as elegance follows in earnest

Real-Life Healthy Lifestyle Demonstration Area of Zhongda International 99, launched as promised


On October 21, Zhongda International 99

Real-life Healthy Lifestyle Demonstration Zone, unveiled as promised

We Cordially invited numerous esteemed guests

To gather at 99, partaking in this grand celebration

Let’s embark on a well-designed journey that is elegant and healthful

Let the imagination take root, and the goodness resonate profoundly



Stay True to the original aspiration

Listen to the ever-renewing echoes from Zhongda International 99

Along with the flowing music, the grand opening ceremony gradually unfolds

Revealing the genesis of Zhongda International 99

It is born from the heartfelt commitment that has been cherished by us for over a decade

From the shared vision of wellness from top enterprises worldwide

From the mission and responsibility under the national strategy of Healthy China




Sincere Endeavor, Hidden Treasure

Flourishing Growth, Serene Enjoyment

To honor the worth of the land is to bestow the grandest reverence upon humanity and the essence of life

Deposit your heart and soul, choose the precious core of Qujiang Phase II as the prime location

Travel through the bustling city, swiftly arrive at a tranquil natural haven where you find the inner peace

Within the expansive ecological system of the vast Duling Archaeological Site Park, indulge in tranquility and pleasure

Resonate profoundly with the abundant energy of the natural magnetic field



Joyful as Home

Embark on a rejuvenating journey of body, mind, and spirit

Fully engage your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, cognition, and touch

Immerse yourself in the perception of the present moment

Revel in a holistic wellness rejuvenation, nurturing both mental and physical energy

Awaken every guest’s comprehensive state of wellbeing

This is a promise of a wonderful life and the experience of feeling just like home

It marks not merely the onset of a journey, but also the perpetual companion that guides you towards the future



Anchored in Our Beginning, Soaring towards Our Visions

Craft the Ideal Paradigm for a Healthy Lifestyle

Time flows like a melody, health is the sole luxury before its passage

Zhongda International 99, born for the ultimate quality of healthy living

Be it world-level planning concepts, the globally top-notch cooperative teams

The masterfully carved aesthetics, or the smart experiences powered by technology

All represent a brand-new exploration of an ideal healthy lifestyle

And set the supreme standard for urban health landmarks



Time unfolds like a staircase

Each step ascended with grace

Zhongda International 99 embarks from the core of its being

Sparking a fresh vision for urban quality healthful living