Enterprise Self-discipline Training

In order to continue cultivate the healthy enterprise culture, combined with the state’s macroeconomic situation and the specific needs of internal management, the construction of Zhongdazhongfangxin’s enterprise culture in 2014 year is divided into two themes: “Probity and Self-discipline”and “Broaden Sources of Income and Reduce Expenditure, Strengthen Internal Savings”.

Aiming to establish a punish and anti-corruption system which focus on well education, regulation, supervision , as well as create a good cultural atmosphere, purify the working environment, optimize the operating conditions, and further promote the anti-embezzlement and anti-bribery, the APD, IAD and the office of BOD jointly carried out the first whole group training on 1st March 2014 which focus on probity and self-discipline.

In this training, Manager Wang from Zhongdazhongfangxin’s IAD, firstly explained the importance of the internal control system and the monitoring organizations and measures about probity domestic and overseas from the perspective of audit, and made everyone have a clear cognition about the importance of enterprise internal probity. In the meantime, this training also expanded staff the external audit knowledge.Meanwhile, the company invited the perennial counsel-Mr. Wang from Beijing Kangda (Xi’an) law office. He analyzed the common types and case studies of enterprise crime from the point of legal profession, focusing on the population of basic law knowledge, brought everyone a new legal cognition and intensive thinking about career self-discipline. At last, APD organized all staff learn <The Commitment of Staff Probity and Self-discipline>, then everyone solemnly signed it and showed his determination and confidence on probity and self-discipline in his future career life.

This training has brought all employees a more adequate understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, and the company regulation. Meanwhile, the training makes us aware of the importance of honesty and serious consequence that violates the relevant laws and regulations, also establish a correct view of work value.

Hope everyone can be probity and self-discipline in the future work, maintain and establish a good occupation atmosphere, make joint efforts to create an excellent corporate culture!